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Current Projects

Large projects I'm working on right now

inter·punct bot
A bot for the chat service Discord that adds many features including games such as Checkers and Paper Soccer and moderator functions such as a ticketing system and a way for mods to give people roles faster using emojis.
A web app I'm making for Reddit and Mastodon combining the best features of both old.reddit and new.reddit and providing a tree view for Mastodon.

Past Projects

Large projects I no longer use or maintain

A programming language that compiles to the iOS Visual Scripting tool, Shortcuts. Had a web editor and compiler, command line compiler, and vscode extension with diagnostics and autocomplete. ScPL is no longer maintained and is missing new actions that were added in recent iOS updates.


Other things I worked on at some point in the past and may or may not still use or maintain.

An exponential growth idle game, originally programmed in Javascript on the iOS notes app with no indentation and no way to test that the code worked.
A music player written in electron that allows storing lyrics with songs and searching by lyrics.
An interactive map for the game Controls: Move and pan with the mouse or touch, Zoom with scroll or pinch, Select tile with click or tap. Hotkeys: M [toggle m], K [render huge], G [go to coords].
An assembly-like programming language intended for beginners to programming.
Earlygame Run
A mod for the game Factorio that adds the ability to run from the moment you start the game.
A programming language that compiles to human-readable mips assembly.
A simple 64-bit CPU made from scratch out of nor gates and an assembly language to program for it.
Leaderboard History
An interactive viewer for the leaderboard history for the game
A collection of command-line programs including jsonexplorer, an interactive explorer for json data, z menu, an interactive menu for shell scripts, and some other helper tools for shell scripts.
Travelers API
A node API for creating bots for
A command-line program that makes it possible to use a system-wide push to talk key in Zoom and other apps. Another program that allows configuring mice with many buttons to have custom chording sequences, such as holding down a side button and scrolling to change volume.
A program for transferring files quickly within your local network.
A neat-looking demo of a pixel art code editor. Only a demo, not usable or maintained.
A testing ground for immediate mode GUI and text editors and various other things.
A demo of a window system that supports resizing on touchscreen interfaces.
A collection of random unrelated web tools to perform various functions.
Some helpful tools, like sitepages but with more effort put into each.


My github page.