An experimental idle platformer made for a WASM-4 fantasy console game jam.

Made with Zig, WebAssembly


A clicker/platformer game built for the wasm4jam

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Source code is in src/platformer.zig

Map is in src/platformer.png

Texture compressor is in src/imgconv.zig

How to build (dev):

zig build
w4 run -n zig-out/lib/platformer.wasm

make sure you aren't over the size limit: zig build -Drelease-small && ls -l zig-out/lib/platformer.wasm (maximum is 65,536 bytes)

recommend also using wasm-opt -Oz because it got likt 50kb → 46kb

check this: wasm-objdump zig-out/lib/platformer.wasm -x -j code

ingconv notes

  1. scale the image down to 160x160
  3. imgconv image.jpg image.w4i --compress --detect-palette


zig build -Drelease-small && ls -l zig-out/lib/platformer.wasm && w4 bundle zig-out/lib/platformer.wasm --html zig-out/lib/file.html

note: also use wasm-opt


  • [x] finish up the game
    • [x] intro screen. the computer thing and a clicker game → the full game
    • [x] pause menu so you can go back out to the computer. it would be cool to have interactions between the game and the computer but idk
    • [x] end screen. you unlock infinite dashes + debug keys
  • [ ] see how many desktop backgrounds I can fit in the cart
    • [ ] wasm-opt -Oz --strip-producers --dce --zero-filled-memory ← make sure to use this, it will make the zig output even smaller
    • [ ] see if we can go right the way up to the limit
    • [ ] oh yeah we could do that before release, why not