A collection of command-line programs including jsonexplorer, an interactive explorer for json data, z menu, an interactive menu for shell scripts, and some other helper tools for shell scripts.

Made with Zig



zig build

the z executable is now in zig-cache/bin/z


  • support building just one tool with like zig build -Dtool=zcho or something


z spinner


has a few options, see z spinner --help

z progress


has a few options, see z progress --help

z jsonexplorer

zig targets | z jsonexplorer

screenshot of the above thing


  • fix the memory leak (more likely just use an arena allocator for init allocations)
  • fix when scrolling down off the bottom of the screen with things open like v\n v\n - item make it work correctly
  • support displaying very long strings that go off the screen (do it like firefox probably, make them collapsable)

z echo

it's like echo but written in zig and it has a few more options

zig build -Drelease-fast outputs the binary zig-cache/bin/zcho

zcho -p $(tput setaf 1)

zcho -e "\x1b[31mHi!"
Hi! (in red)

zcho -h

    zcho [options] [message]
    -E: Set print mode: raw (default)
    -e: Set print mode: backslash escape interpolation
    -p: Set print mode: escaped printing
    -n: Do not output a newline
    -s: Do not seperate message with spaces
    -h: Print this message
    --: Stop parsing options
Escape Sequences (for -e):
    \\, \a, \b, \c, \d, \e, \f, \n, \r, \t, \v
    \0NNN with octal value NNN (1-3 digits)
    \xHH with hex value HH (1-2 digits)