An npm package for creating bots for the game

Made with Typescript, NodeJS

helper for connecting to from node


npm i --save travelersapi
const { createBot, generateWorldTileAt } = require("travelersapi");

const traveler = createBot();

traveler.on.update = msg => {
    console.log("I<", msg);
    console.log("Standing on: ", { tile: generateWorldTileAt(msg.x, msg.y) });
    traveler.send({ action: "setDir", dir: "nw", autowalk: false });
traveler.on.updateImmediate = msg => {};
traveler.on.evalJS = js => {};

    .then(startingData => console.log("Ready!", startingData));

process.on("unhandledRejection", (reason, p) => {
    console.log("Unhandled Rejection at:", p, "reason:", reason);

Note: the typescript types provided are incomplete! You may wish to not use them or make your own.

account token

  • go to and log in.
  • go to the storage tab or your browser's equivalent
  • find the cookie T=cdsajnkcjnlsdcnjalkcjandlsk
  • The part after the = is your token.

captcha token

  • go to
  • complete the captcha (do not press "wake up")
  • paste this script into the console:
prompt("Copy the captcha:", SOCKET.captcha);

you have to do this every time you log in. tokens expire quickly and you cannot reuse the same token multiple times.


in a web browser logged into, you can log all messages sent to and from the server by psating this in the console:

window.gsend = SOCKET.send;
SOCKET.send = a => (console.log("i>", a), window.gsend(a));
window.adata = ENGINE.applyData;
ENGINE.applyData = (...a) => (console.log("I<", ...a), window.adata(...a));

getPerlin, containsEvent

containsEvent(138750, 62680) ⇒ true

containsEvent(138750, 62681) ⇒ false