A web app I'm making for Reddit and Mastodon combining the best features of both old.reddit and new.reddit and providing a tree view for Mastodon.

Made with SolidJS, Typescript, Windi CSS, Vite, Vanilla JS, WebAssembly


new features reddit doesn't have

  • "threaded replies" to decrease indentation (some examples in this thread)
  • ability to preview links in comments like RES adds
  • ability to preview comments written in markdown mode before posting them
  • all external links open in a new tab by default so you never have to worry if you should click or ctrl click a link
  • usernames are different colors to make it easier to notice repeat users
  • threadclient preview supports these better than reddit in some ways:
    • imgur albums
    • gfycat gifs
    • twitch clips
  • threadclient displays braille images correctly even if the author of the post formatted them incorrectly (what you see on old.reddit, new.reddit, threadclient)
  • ability to easily view comment markdown (screenshot)


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