A music player written in electron that allows storing lyrics with songs and searching by lyrics.

Made with Typescript, Electron, Sass CSS, Vanilla JS, μhtml, Parcel


A simple music player in electron



Music is loaded from ~/Music/***.mp3 by default.

Supports linux and maybe other operating systems if you're lucky.


# Clone this repository
git clone https://github.com/pfgithub/electron-music-player
# Go into the repository
cd electron-music-player
# Install dependencies
yarn install
# Build the app
yarn build
# Run the app
yarn start

Edit Button

Edit lyrics and album art


  • ffmpeg
  • a writable /tmp dir for setting album art (TODO fix)
  • a scroll wheel (the scrollbar is broken, TODO fix)

Add Button

Add music.

Choose whether to copy from a local file or download from youtube-dl.


  • youtube-dl and ffmpeg if used on a youtube video
  • sox if tempo is not set to 1.0
  • coreutils (mv, [)

OS support

Supports linux and maybe mac and probably not windows.

Search options

Start a search with ! to match exact text. Start a search with / to match regex (slow).

Music list sidebar

Click the thing to skip to the end of the queue and play immediately, press the + button to add to the end of the queue.

Global hotkeys

Configure a global hotkey manager, eg

  • mac: skhd
  • windows: google.com
  • linux: idk, I'm using ckb-next for single keys and i3 for hotkeys

Then, bind keys of your choosing to:

node /path/to/electron-music-player/src/ipc.js [command]

command can be any of: playpuase, next, prev, play, pause, randomfiltertoggle, randomfilteron, randomfilteroff

I have scroll lock/pause break bound to prev/next, page up bound to playpause, and page down bound to randomfiltertoggle.

Additionally, there is musicplayer-msg listall/listqueue/playsong/queue. Usage example (fish shell + rofi command)

node …/src/ipc.js playsong (node …/src/ipc.js listall | rofi -dmenu -i)

node …/src/ipc.js queue (node …/src/ipc.js listall | rofi -dmenu -i)

Switching next modes:

musicplayer-msg setnextmode (musicplayer-msg listnextmodes | rofi -dmenu -i)


Use yarn build-watch to automatically build when you change a file. Use an editor plugin to see typescript errors (also don't use atom because it will run at <15fps)

Likely the only file you have to edit is src/player.ts. The window is created in src/main.ts, so edit that if you need to create new windows or adjust hotkeys.


things that might be done in the future if I ever get too tired of not having them:

  • switch to webpack because the current build process is a mess
  • option to load album art from a local file
  • option to load album art from the clipboard
  • sort the sidebar
  • highlight search match locations in the lyrics display
  • add the ability to trim audio files (interactive editor - pick start and end location, test that start and end locations are correct, trim by running ffmpeg)
  • ui improvements, especially for the edit and add pages so they don't look so disorganized.
  • full keyboard control (eg tab+enter works to select things from the list, ctrl+s to save and close the edit screen, escape to cancel, tab works to select the plus button on things, …)
  • option to associate time codes with lyrics (using the edit button) and then the reverse, clicking a lyric to jump to the time code
  • resize images to like at most 128x128 or 256x256 or something so there aren't images that are literally 5mb

things that would be good to do but I probably won't ever need:

  • use mktempdir instead of /tmp for writing album art
  • update metadata on play to prevent outdated things from showing
  • show the duration and a scrubber for playing things
  • support non-mp3 files
  • ability to choose the folder it loads things from
  • tagging and stuff (manual text tags are good enough for now, I would want real tagging to use a seperate data file/database so adding a tag does not rewrite the mp3 file)
  • shuffle weighting and ability to set a shuffle target or something. oh and don't play the same thing twice in a row.