A simple 64-bit CPU made out of nor gates and an assembly language to program for it.

Made with Typescript, Zig, Assembly

a 64-bit cpu written in the typescript hardware description language


  • install node and the yarn package manager.
  • yarn install
  • download a latest master zig binary from here (being developed on 0.8.0-dev.1342+4f11a88b9)
  • zig build run (note node must be in your path)


  • supports a few instructions (check docs for a list of supported instructions)


  • cpu
  • instructions and registers and stuff
  • two permission levels, one full permission, one with memory accesses routed through a page table and no i/o permission
  • very basic operating system that lets a user program allocate memory and read/write from/to the screen
  • very basic user program that tests some stuff